NCU Project

The story of the project

This project is a joint project under the initiative of NORDEFCO – www.nordefco.org

It was officially started in 2016 and started with a common set of needs and requirements for a new uniform system. The system consists of 3(4) parts, European configuration (to minus 19 deg, with cold add on to -46), Desert and Jungle. Personal protection gear, boots, socks, gloves, hats and helmets are not part of the system.

This is the first cooperation agreement with all four nations that has lead to a contract.

The steps of the project

A public tender was announced, and a prequalification was called for. This prequalification intended to limit the bidders to 6 companies including Oskar Pedersen (NO)

The next phase was INDO 1 (indicative offer no 1) – in this phase samples of the uniform system was presented and tested. A limited feedback was given before the suppliers submitted their INDO 2 offer.

INDO 2 – During INDO 2 the project shortlisted 4 companies and invited them for a troop trial, Among others, Oskar Pedersen (NO) was invited to this next step. 

TROOP TRIAL – Each company was asked to prepare approximately 150 complete sets that was equally distributed to each of the four countries. Each country tested the system in selected units, some countries had special focus assignments such as hot climates (Denmark) and female uses (Sweden), although all countries tested and evaluated the complete fit for use. 

FINAL NEGOTIATIONS – During this period public information shared that two bidders were disqualified due to observations in laboratory testing. Later another bidder was disqualified for observations during the troop trial testing under cold weather conditions. 

AWARD – The contract was awarded to Oskar Pedersen and signed the 8th of February. The scope of the framework agreement is 425 MEUR.