Configuration & system​


Layer 0
Underwear – Boxers, hipsters, bra and t-shirt.

Layer 1A
Net underwear

Layer 1B 
Terry wool long johns, shirt and jacket.

Layer 2A
European combat uniform jacket, trousers and shirt.

Layer 2B
Desert and Jungle uniform jacket, trousers and shirt.

Layer 3A
Insulation jacket and trousers

Layer 3B
Cold -add on Insulation jacket and trousers

Layer 4

Layer 5 
Winter camo

The NORDEFCO structure is a cooperation structure, not a command structure. Cooperation activities initiated from top or bottom are facilitated and agreed within the structure, but the actual realization and participation in activities remain national decisions.

Once a cooperation activity is implemented, it will be run by the regular, existing national chain of command. When the activity is being implemented, a NORDEFCO agreement will decide upon a framework or lead nation concept for the activity. Examples of this could be educational cooperation, where responsibility is divided between the nations or a common exercise plan with a rotating host nation scheme for major exercises.

At the top of the political level are the Nordic ministers of defence who meet twice a year. The day-to-day work at the political level is carried out by the Political Steering Committee (PSC). The PSC consists of four subcommittees on policy, operations, capabilities and armaments, as well as the PSC Secretariat, which functions as the executive staff of the PSC.

Designed to be next to skin. It consists of gender specific garments. Their mesh structure controls body temperature and transports moisture away from the skin. When worn without the terry-wool underwear on top it allows high breathability, whereas when Layer 1B is worn on top it, it effectively traps air to increase the insulation properties while still transporting moisture away from the user.


Unisex underwear designed to be next to skin or on top of the Wool Mesh (Layer 1A). Layer 1B consists of undershirt, long pants and a thick full-zip jacket. On the upper body, the Terry Wool Jacket can be worn as standalone or on top of the undershirt for maximum insulation

The special knitting machines of Woolpower allows no vertical stiches. This offers a significant increase in comfort for the user as no stiches can cause irritations on the side of the torso or legs.

L-1B & Wooljacket No2

Extremely durable, water resistant, inherent flame retardant, quick dry, low water pickup, highly breathable, knitted “t-shirt” backing. 

The PYRAD® fabric technology by GORE-TEX LABS represents a new way of thinking FR protection without sacrificing comfort or durability. It allowed us to select the most durable outer-layers and the most comfortable next to skin feeling. Once the fabric is exposed to a flashover fire (265 degrees or more) the dots activate, expand and create a shield over the exposed area protecting the user.

D13-2 Combat Trousers front - Layer 2A
D14-2 Combat Shirt - Layer 2A
D12-2 Combat Jacket - Layer 2A

Permanently FR, water repellent, extremely breathable and very light weight


Made by Siamidis VAR technology this uniform offers a comfort and breathability that is excellent for hot climates. 

The knitted fabric offers one of the highest durability and comfort for such fabric on the market. The fabric is also biodegradable.

D16-2 Combat Trousers - Layer 2B
D17-2 Combat Shirt - Layer 2B
D15-2 Combat Jacket - LAYER 2B

WINDSTOPPER® fabric technology by GORE-TEX LABS, insultation garment designed to go down to -19 degrees.

Made by Siamidis with WINDSTOPPER® fabric technology by GORE-TEX LABS and insulation, this uniform offers an excellent protection against the elements in cold weather. 

The garment has a “film/mesh” liner with small aluminium “dots” on them, these function to reflect the body heat back to the user quickly but at the same time allow air and moisture to pass through.

360 View
D19-2- Insulated Trouser - Layer 3A

WINDSTOPPER® fabric technology by GORE-TEX LABS, insultation garment designed to go down to -42 degrees in conjunction with L3A.

Made by Siamidis with WINDSTOPPER® fabric technology by GORE-TEX LABS and insulation, this uniform offers a good protection against the elements in cold weather.

D21-2 Insulated Trousers - Layer 3B

GORE-TEX rain suit for Defence made by Siamidis offers a 100% waterproof-breathable solution and uses a very light weight material.

The waterproof-breathable rain suits are designed to be worn on top of a combat garment, not as a stand-alone field uniform. Pass through pockets allow access to the combat uniform below. 

The uniform is very light weight (approx. 700gr in size medium) and is very packable. This gives the soldier the possibility to bring the uniform with them in their backpack to be used when weather conditions require to do so.

D23-2 Rain Trousers - Layer 4
D22-2 Rain Jacket - Layer 4

This layer is designed with the purpose of making the soldier “white”. The idea behind the layer was to be as little disruptive against the rest of the system as possible. Therefore, pass through pockets are offered with a simple design to be easy to bring in a backpack. The garments can be folded into itself to become a pouch.

D25-2 Snow Camo Trousers - Αντιγραφή
D24-2 Snow Camo Jacket
Layer 5 - Pouch